Service options

Measure existing thread and reproduce
Rework, repair, and replace options available
Measurement and reporting options including NATA reports

Applicable Standards

Applicable standard if available or customer drawing

Why this service is used

This service is offered for unusual thread forms that need to be precise. Ground threads are very accurate and can be formed on hardened tool steel. Plastic injection moulding cores are a good example.

Capacity offered

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Range External Threads Internal threads
Diameter Range 1.0 – 260 mm 5.0 – 210 mm
Pitch Range 0.25 – 100 mm 0.4 – 10 mm
Maximum Length 1060 mm 180 mm


Can you grind threads like rope threads?

Yes, we can dress forms on to our grinding wheels that involve radii or a combination of radii and straight flanks.

Can you grind special tapered threads?

Yes, we can grind tapers with all types of thread forms.

Can you measure my existing thread and re-grind it on a new shaft?

Yes, threads are our specialty. We can measure the thread and grind a new thread on your tooling

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