ISO/IEC 17025 Accreditation

Accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025 for calibrations demonstrates technical competence, accuracy of measurements and provides confidence. In most cases regulatory authorities require that calibrations be performed in an accredited laboratory. NATA accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025 is recognised and accepted globally

Service options

Booking service – Reduce time your gauges are off site
Measured report – non NATA
Report direct from measuring machine – non NATA
Rework, repair, and replace options available on some gauges

Applicable Standards

Selected to suit gauge being calibrated
Our laboratory is accredited to ISO 17025, scope available here.

Why this service is used

Many quality systems require measuring tools to be calibrated and traceable. NATA accreditation ensures traceability to national standards as well as competence in the performance of tests. NATA has mutual recognition agreements with many countries allowing our calibration services to be recognised internationally.

Range offered

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Gauges Tools SGP calibration tools
Plain plug and ring gauges Micrometers Vernier check plate
Plain tapered gauges Verniers Micrometer check set
Gap gauges Depth micrometers Precision square
Screw plug and ring gauges Analogue dial indicators
Taper screw gauges Digital indicators
Thread roller calliper gauge
Flush pin gauges
Setting ring gauges
External masters


How often do I need to calibrate my gauge?

There is no fixed time, calibration frequency is based on how often the gauge is used and the conditions that the gauge is exposed to. Frequent use and abrasive materials will require more frequent calibration, low use in a clean environment will allow less frequent calibration. Usually the user determines the calibration frequency.

Can a non conforming gauge be repaired?

Yes, some gauges can be repaired. An example is a thread gauge where only the leading one or two threads measure out of specification.

Are replacement gauges available?

Yes, most common metric and unified screw ring gauges are available.  If you have a screw plug gauge we can supply just the Go or Nogo end.

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