S.G. Prittie has installed a LYNX 2100 SLYB lathe to aid in the manufacture of gauge blanks. The new machine with milling and sub spindle will complement existing STAR CNC lathes to extend capability.


Shorter lead times are the main goal for purchasing the new lathe. Our industry is experiencing high demand for CNC machined parts and being able to process all operations in house will be a big step toward shorter lead times. Machining blanks to suit our grinding techniques will also streamline the entire gauge manufacturing processes.

Lathe Features
  • Turning Ø 300 mm, Length 510 mm
  • Main spindle bar capacity 65 mm,  Sub spindle 35 mm
  • Turret 12 stations with live tooling and Y axis
  • Fanuc controller with EZI programming

Installation of our new lathe will reduce lead times and increase capacity. For more information on our products or services, please contact us.

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