S.G.Prittie celebrates 60 years of continuous accreditation with NATA

On the 10th May 2023 the milestone was reached and we were presented with the certificate below. Accreditation to ISO 17025 shows technical competence and provides confidence in the accuracy of measurements.

Metrology Service

S.G.Prittie offers 60 years expertise in dimensional metrology with a focus on calibration of screw thread gauges, limit gauges and measuring tools. High precision equipment such as Zeiss CMMs and IAC Master Scanners ensure accurate and efficient calibration of your tools. We can offer calibration on new or existing gauges, we also offer a measurement service to help solve fitment issues with mating parts. Sometimes when parts don’t fit together as intended its difficult to find the root cause, we can help by measuring individual features and finding the cause. Reports can be issued to support our findings and distributed to parties involved.


Many quality systems require measuring tools to be calibrated and traceable. If you have an upcoming audit, choosing a NATA accredited laboratory ensures traceability to national standards as well as competence in the performance of tests. Additionally, NATA has mutual recognition agreements with many countries allowing our calibration services to be recognised internationally.

Facility Highlights

If you need your tools calibrated or assistance with solving a fitment problem, contact us for a friendly discussion and quote.

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