Our story

In 1947, Stan Prittie established our company; we have been manufacturing precision gauges ever since.

We evolved and expanded over the years, partnering with new industries to solve emerging challenges. We have helped trains to run and planes fly, premature babies to survive and deep divers breathe.

Our team shares a commitment to precision, quality and loyalty: our average tenure is 19 years – which means we provide our customers with unparalleled knowledge, expertise and reliability.

What sets us apart

We are the only manufacturer of precision gauges in Australia, which allows us to provide quality services and products across the country and around the globe. Our accuracy is such that the world’s most exacting industries, including medicine, aerospace and defence, work with our team daily.

Our NATA accredited, state-of-the-art, onsite metrology lab provides reliable measurements and traceability to national standards, including ISO 17025. A NATA accreditation demonstrates that we are meeting or exceeding the delivery of all conformity assessment activities.

What this means for our customers

We talk through requirements, provide advice on design, materials and measurements, and help streamline production and maintenance processes. We provide reports and certifications, specialist knowledge and cutting-edge equipment. Many of our customers have partnered with us for more than 25 years as we continue to innovate together.

Fields we serve

  • Medical
  • Aerospace
  • Mining
  • Defence
  • Plumbing & Gas