Pin Gauges Sets

S.G. Prittie can supply standard and custom pin gauge sets. Standard sets are available in class Z and custom sets can be class X, Z or ZZ. Standard sets offer great value and supplied in a well labelled case. Custom sets are designed to suit your application. All of our pins are made from hardened tool steel to ensure long life and are supplied with a manufacturers certificate of conformance (COC).

Product options

Standard sets
Custom range and increment
Universal handles

Applicable standards

Manufactures specification

Why this product is used

Pin gauge sets are a great way to check hole diameters quickly. Select a set with a range and increments to suit your products. An optional universal handle can be used to setup a Go/Nogo style plug gauge, then disassembled after use.

  • Customisation

    Customisation is offered on most gauges. We can add a new feature to a standard gauge, manufacture a revised design based on a standard gauge, or design a new gauge to suit your application.

  • Support

    We offer design and technical support for all our gauges, as well as support for measurement and calibration inquiries. Contact us via phone or email.

  • Delivery

    We offer express or economy delivery and can send products to local, interstate and overseas locations. We’re also happy to use your own delivery supplier.

  • Manufacturing

    We are an Australian business located in Airport West Victoria. Quality is a priority and we have ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 management systems in place.


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Set Type Range / Increment Stock Status
Class Z 0.22 – 1.50 mm 0.02 mm Stocked
Class Z 1.52 – 7.7 mm 0.02 mm Stocked
Class Z 7.72 – 12.70 mm 0.02 mm Stocked
Class Z 12.72 – 15.30 mm 0.02 mm Available to order
Class Z 15.32 – 17.80 mm 0.02 mm Available to order
Custom Made to Order


How do I calibrate my gauge set?

One common method is to label the pin gauge set “calibrate before use” then have a calibrated micrometer available to check pins prior to use.

Can a pin gauge set be made to my own specification?

Yes, we can make up sets as required, class X, Z or ZZ are available.

If you need assistance selecting the correct gauge or have technical questions please contact us.

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