CMM Location Pins

Screw thread location plugs are used on a CMM to assist locating the centre of threaded holes. Projected tolerance zones can also be calculated. Standard and made to order threads available.

Product options

Standard threads
Made to order sizes

Standard features

Hardened tool steel 60 Hrc
Tapered threaded section
Parallel shank
Hex drive

Why this product is used

CMM measurements for position or projected tolerance zone can be difficult to measure when the reference hole is tapped. Threaded location plugs greatly simplify the task by providing a parallel shank to probe. Simply screw in the location plug until it seats in the tapped hole, then take measurements on the protruding parallel shank.


Parallel shank co-axial with pitch diameter less than 0.003 mm. Pitch diameter tapered from just below low limit and to just above upper limit. Hex drive to help insert and remove.

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Can I order special thread forms?

Yes, we can manufacture to suit your product.

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