Calliper Check Plate

The 150 mm calliper check plate was developed to meet the needs of customers wanting to take control of their instrument calibration. Our Calliper Check Plate provides you with an easy and convenient method of checking your Digital, Dial and Vernier callipers in house. An optional extender plate is available to increase total capacity to 300 mm.

Product options

150 mm Extender Plate – Extends capacity to 300 mm

Standard features

Electroless nickel coating
NATA Calibration – ISO 17025
In house work sheets
Pelican 1060 micro case

Why this product is used

Many quality systems require your measuring tools to be calibrated with traceability to Australian and International standards. Our Calliper Check Plate provides this and will enable you to keep your calibration of Digital, Dial and Vernier callipers in house. The calliper check plate can be used for many other applications that need a traceable reference.


The plate has eight lengths nominally 12.4, 21.10, 30.70, 39.00, 65.90, 124.20, and 150.00 and two holes of 8.00 and 16.00. Each size is calibrated within 0.004mm and supplied with a N.A.T.A  certificate that enables traceability to Australian and International standards. The NATA certified 0-150mm calliper check plate and extender plate are manufactured from hardened tool steel. They have a fine ground and honed finish with electroless Nickel coating for corrosion protection. It’s also supplied with preloaded work sheets to further improve your efficiency. The plate is supplied in a Pelican micro case with space for the extender plate.

  • Customisation

    Customisation is offered on most gauges. We can add a new feature to a standard gauge, manufacture a revised design based on a standard gauge, or design a new gauge to suit your application.

  • Support

    We offer design and technical support for all our gauges, as well as support for measurement and calibration inquiries. Contact us via phone or email.

  • Delivery

    We offer express or economy delivery and can send products to local, interstate and overseas locations. We’re also happy to use your own delivery supplier.

  • Manufacturing

    We are an Australian business located in Airport West Victoria. Quality is a priority and we have ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 management systems in place.


What type a calibration certificate is supplied?

Our calliper check plates are supplied with a NATA calibration report, the calibration is done just prior to shipping.

Can I add the extender plate at a later date?

Yes, we leave space in the storage box for the extender plate.

How often do I need to calibrate my gauge?

There is no fixed time, calibration frequency is based on how often the gauge is used and the conditions that the gauge is exposed to. Frequent use and abrasive materials will require more frequent calibration, low use in a clean environment will allow less frequent calibration. Usually the user determines the calibration frequency.

If you need assistance selecting the correct gauge or have technical questions please contact us.

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